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Since bursting onto the scene in 2002 American Idol has become an American Institution. Being able to go from from relative obscurity to national stardom in the matter of a few weeks is a new version of the American dream where celebrity is everything.

American Idol has launched the careers of a number of music's biggest stars, including inaugural winner Kelly Clarkson, multi-Grammy award winner Carrie Underwood to to a lesser extent Jordin Sparks and David Cook. Winning American Idol doesn't guarantee fame and stardom though as the careers of Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks have proven. It's also been proven that you don't even have to win Idol to become a star. Just ask Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson and leader of the rock band Daughtry, Chris Daughtry.

American Idol has seen some changes over the years, especially in recent years, but one thing that hasn't changed is it's domination in the ratings. Originally passed on by a few networks in the early days Idol became a smash hit for Fox right away drawing in the highest ratings on network television for most of it's current run. The departure of original judges Paula Abdul and resident bad boy Simon Cowell weren't enough to derail the Idol train as they kept on chugging with mainstay Randy Jackson being joined by Aerosmith front-man Steve Tyler and diva Jennifer Lopez.

The immense popularity of American Idol with the masses and the fact that anyone can be voted off any time (no immunity idol here) has not only made it perfect for betting, but a highly popular betting option for online sports bettors as well. With it's high ratings and high probability for an upset every week you could make the comparison that American Idol is the Super Bowl of reality shows.

The popularity in betting on American Idol obviously comes from the ability to bet on an underdog or someone flying under the radar early in the competition and potential get paid if he or she eventually blossoms into a star and fan-favorite to win it in the end. Web-sites like “Vote for the Worst” and celebrities egging on fans to vote for “the worst singers” can lead to some of the more talented singers not making the cut and raising an underdog up to contender status.

Betting on America Idol has increased season after season basically forcing the oddsmakers to come up with more bets. Not only can bettors wager on who will win the overall competition, but some sportsbooks also offer odds on things like will the winner be male or female, which regional tryout the eventual winner will come from and who will be eliminated on a week-by-week basis. Some books also used to release Simon Cowell related props, but with the tell it like it is judge having moved on to The X Factor, books are now focusing their American Idol props on crazy man Steven Tyler and J-Lo.

One other thing that has made American Idol betting popular over the years? Giving husbands everywhere something to look forward to when having to endure watching the karaoke competition with their eager wives.

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